Asian / South Asian Therapy

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Therapy Designed For You

When searching for therapy sessions to attend, you want to be comforted by the fact that the mental health professional helping you is understanding of your individual experiences. This means finding a practice that can offer therapy that is completely tailored to your unique needs and identity. We help you find solace in times of distress by offering therapy that is tied to the Asian-American experience. Through these sessions, you will be placed with a therapist who recognizes what makes you special and how your identity plays a role in your life. When you are up against differences in culture, language, and behavior it can feel extremely difficult to find your place in the world. That is why we created these one-of-a-kind sessions. You can explore the side of your identity that others may ask you to hide away. Being able to freely speak about the pressures or heartbreaks that you face without fear of judgment or scrutiny makes all the difference in your healing journey. Additionally, you will be allowed to explore what healing looks like realistically when other outside factors (like family, school, occupation, religion, etc.) are involved.

What Can Be Explored?

When entering these specialized sessions, an open mind is crucial to comprehend the power of utilizing a therapist who shares your lived experience. This can mean attending your sessions ready to be vulnerable about how your identity generates and participates in the way you live your life.

 Below are some of the areas that can be covered in therapy: 

● Learning how to set boundaries 

● Navigating relationships (familial, platonic, or romantic) 

● Understanding your identity regarding personal growth 

● Finding new ways to connect with your identity 

● Open space to talk about negative aspects of your identity 

● Figuring out what is holding you back from healing 

● Exploring how to handle and overcome the pressure 

● Breaking intergenerational trauma, habits, and behaviors 

Find Yourself In Your Healing

The idea of having a therapist who completely understands you seems far-fetched, but our practice is determined to help those who are feeling lost, confused, and alone. When you have the space to explore aspects of yourself that you have lost connection with, an entirely new sense of being can be discovered. In place of having to explain what certain things mean, how things work in your culture, or what the significance of your life events represent you can have full comfort in knowing that the mental health professional sitting across from you understands, can empathize, and relay healing techniques that can help you grow from within. If you are ready to begin your personalized journey, please feel free to our office for more information.

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