Grief & Loss Therapy

Am I Experiencing Grief Or Loss?


Every individual experiences grief and loss in a unique way. For some, depression and sadness consume their thoughts, longing for any normalcy. For others, anger and rage stir in their hearts, wondering what could have been done differently and how to rewrite their experience. Both individuals are going through periods of grief, likely resulting in a major negative experience that they were forced to go through. This event created life-lasting trauma that impacts the individual’s sense of emotional, mental, and physical health. While many think that experiencing grief and loss is “just a part of life”, the process of navigating and overcoming these emotions can take an immense toll on someone’s life. 

Below are some ways that grief and loss can appear in an individual’s everyday life: 

● Loss of appetite 

● Major changes to eating and sleeping patterns 

● Hyper-fixating on the object/person/life they lost 

● Becoming irrational when discussing or remembering their loss 

● High levels of anxiety, depression, or anger 

● Experiencing PTSD when a negative event is brought up 

● Physical weaknesses such as fatigue, body aches, and pain in the neck/back 

● Becoming withdrawn from friends, family, or romantic partners 

● Obsessing over “what if’s”: what if it never happened, what if it happened again or differently 

● Immense feelings of guilt or shame from surviving the negative/traumatic experience

How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy can be a great resource for those who are willing to open up about their loss to a trained mental health professional. Healing from a negative or traumatic event is a process for the individual who experienced it. They are asked to speak on, remember, and clarify this event so that they can come to terms with their loss and eventually move on. For some, this may be simple but for many others, this process can take years to overcome. The path to healing this open mental or emotional wound is not linear, therefore we ask all of our clients to simply show up to their sessions with their best foot forward. In a therapy session, we can discuss how the loss has impacted your life and how your process the grief that followed. Our practice is always willing to walk with you hand in hand while you explore parts of yourself that have never been uncovered. 

Overcome Your Grief Through Therapy

Grief and loss can completely change a person. A traumatic or negative event can cause someone to go from cheerful and happy to depressed and self-isolating. There is no concrete or “perfect” way to experience grief. The only way to grow through the pain is to identify what exactly is on your mind and understand yourself on a deeper level. Through this, you will learn more about your healing process, and continue the journey of living with your loss. If you or a loved one is facing these negative emotions, please feel free to contact our office so we can pair you with a therapist who can help guide you through your pain.

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