Mamma Media!

Too much time watching or reading the news can create a lot of anxiety! Try to limit the amount of time and how often you take a look at all of the media around you. Creating a plan can help keep this in check! You can tweak it from week to week as necessary.

My Media Plan

What are 2 – 3 reliable sources of information?

1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

What time of the day will you consume this information?

_____________________ am/pm

How long will you spend consuming the information?

_____________________ minutes

How many days per week will you consume the information?

_____________________ days per week

Poonam Patel, MS, LPC is a licensed professional counselor and owner of Phoenix Wellness Center, a therapy practice providing individual, couples, family, and group counseling to kids, teens, and adults.