Rima Majmundar, LAC


Hi there! I’m Rima Majmundar and I am a licensed associate counselor (LAC) in the state of New Jersey and a nationally certified counselor (NCC). I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology at Rutgers University and my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Montclair State University. My career began working with individuals who struggled with a cognitive or developmental disability. I then proceeded to narrow my scope at a community clinic working one to one with those who experience challenges with anger, anxiety, multiculturalism, depression, relationship, and trauma. I later spent some time working in the emergency room at a hospital with persons going through active mental health or substance use crises. Providing individual, couples, or group therapy is something I truly enjoy as my passion for this field stems from wanting to understand people and wanting people to feel understood and/or heard. I find the therapeutic process to be a wonderful journey as it promotes growth in various aspects of life.

My Counseling Approach: During my education, I was once told “similar to how people workout their bodies, the brain also needs to be exercised and maintained.” Therapy allows you to not only better yourself, situation or life but it allows you to cleanse your mind and stay mentally healthy. When providing services, I approach therapy with a client centered and cognitive behavioral view. Furthermore, I like to use methods that are individualized; this is based on what motivates the client, what they need, or what may encourage them. I prefer to personalize the way I work with each client as the time we spend is about the client and for the client. My goal is to create a safe, comfortable and open environment that can foster a positive therapeutic relationship to help the client achieve their goals. 

My Professional Passions: Mental health is something that can impact an individual’s life in numerous ways; such as daily activities, relationships, personality or even cause physical symptoms to arise. Coming from a culturally diverse background, my mission professionally is to create awareness for mental health in minority communities that may view mental health as a taboo.

My Personal Passions: Cooking different types of food, dancing, music, running and playing basketball as well as watching sports.